Wind Barriers For Your Terrace

Besides Galavito heating table and table tops, we are glad to provide you a great solution for windy and cold days outside: wind barriers. They could be electrical, with remote control or just the standard ones, according to the dimensions of your terrace, with a customisation option. Choose the most suitable for your outdoors and contact us for your inquires via

Benefits of Wind Barriers for Your Business:

  • Prolonging your outdoor season, by filling your terrace all year long
  • Increasing your business’ profitability
  • Thanks to cosy and warmer terraces all year long, more satisfied guests
  • Providing privacy for your guests at your restaurant, cafe or privacy at your own home

1. Verano wind barriers are great solution for your terrace, especially for cold and windy days. The wind barriers are easy to install / assemble, operate, regulate and clean. Besides stopping / blocking the wind, the wind barriers also provide privacy to your guests at your restaurant, cafe or to your family at your own home. Production in Netherlands, designed by qualified engineers.

Possible to choose among the options: Biarritz (with wheels), Lüderitz (electrical to regulate the height) or Tofino.

Thanks to our cooperation with the producer in Netherlands, we deliver wind barriers in a wide variety of sizes and types. Other than wind barriers, Verano company offers sun awnings, veranda, louvered roofs, sliding walls, conservatory awnings, wind screens, fences and more. Contact us for your questions and special demand, we are here to respond your needs and to do customised options for your terraces: 

2. Acristalia windbreaks provide a windfree zone, thus to your guests at your restaurant or cafe. Against the bad weather conditions, fill your terrace with satisfied guests all year long. Quick and economical installation provides you the flexibility.

All products are made in Spain, according to European standards. Available up to 1600 mm high and 2000 mm wide. More than 200 colours to choose from the RAL chart. Anodized and imitation wood finish GLASS 6, 8 or 10 mm thick. Tempered, laminated, solar control.

  • The FLK Series has three standard heights (extended position): 1700, 1800 y 1900 mm.
  • In low/folded position, height will be respectively 1000, 1100 y 1200 mm. Any other height is not available.
  • Standard width for Windbreaks FLK series are 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 y 2000 mm. Further measures are available according to the project needs.
  • Aluminium finish: RAL 7016 in stock. Glass, fixed part: 8 mm tempered glass. Mobile part: 6 mm tempered glass.
  • Digital printing and customization is possible.

Windbreaks – Windbreak Series | Fixed model

Made of aluminium or lacquered steel profiles. The lacquered steel profiles are provided with stainless steel nuts and bolts and zamak finishing. It subsequently goes through a process with polyester resin powder coating.

Windbreaks – Windbreak Series | Extensible model

Composed of aluminium 6063 profiles, stainless steel nuts and bolts and polypropylene plastic elements.

Additionally, it goes through a process and coating in anodized silver and thermolacquered colours with polyester resin powder. It has a lifting mechanism, a counterweight, transmission system by polypropylene cord and pulleys. A blocking mechanism with bolt or key is also available. Other than windbreaks, we are able to provide you glass curtains, sliding roof, glass railings and more for your terrace, thanks to our cooperation with our Spanish partner Acristalia.

For further details and for inquires, contact us via:
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