Innovative Outdoor Heating Tables with infrared heater hidden in the table base.

Give your guests the pleasure of sitting outside by warming them up from tip to toe, even if it’s freezing outside. Heating tables are a perfect fit for the outdoors of restaurants and cafes, enabling you to utilise your outdoors capacity to its full potential.

The heating table is also a great addition to your home that lets you maximise the relaxing time you spend outdoors, either on your terrace or pergola.

Terraces full of guests all year long
Everyone likes staying outside, even during colder days. A heated and cozy terrace will boost your sales by filling up your terrace with customers.

Attractive experience that lures
Elegant design and great efficiency that gives your business the  competitive advantage it needs.

6 times more economical than gas heaters *
The heater leverages infrared radiation – it heats people, not the air.

Operating costs starting from 6 CZK / hour (0.25 EUR / hour approx.)
The investment in heating table returns within 6 weeks, , if used regularly (8 hours / day approx.).

Environmentally friendly operation
Heating table does not release any gas or fumes as gas heaters do. It’s environment aware.

Certification and safety, IP44 protection for outdoors
The outdoor heater meets strict Czech and European safety standards. Waterproof and dust-proof, tested by Electrotechnical Institute in Prague.

Hand assembled Czech product
Each heating  table is made of Czech parts and passes through impeccable hands.

Tailor-made design
Possible to customise the appearance of the heater to cater your wishes: changing the colour, adding your logo or design pattern on the product base. Possible to choose your table top as well.

Spring outdoor venue
Svatba Dany a Mojmíra
Dana and Mojmír’s wedding
White Horse restaurant in Prague
U Prince hotel in Prague
Mladá Boleslav air field
Pizzeria Petr v Karlových Varech


Thanks to Galavito Heating Tables we prolonged our outdoor season, which was appreciated not only by our guests, but also by us in the restaurant. The operational costs for the Heating Tables are minimal, compared to gas heaters. There is no need to use and store gas tanks anymore at our restaurant. Thanks to Galavito Heating Tables, we can provide our guests a nice stay at our outdoor spaces even in colder months.

Manager of steak restaurant Beef & Beer, Uherské Hradiště

Galavito Heating Tables made our New Year’s party for our employees much better. It was freezing outside and Heating Tables were not only good for the smokers, but also for the people waiting for the food truck meals. Since the very beginning all Heating Tables were full.

Marketing Specialist in CzechInvest

The investment in heating tables pays off after just a few days. Not only guests enjoy comfort during the cold evenings, but the visibility of our restaurant is much more higher. The quality of the products is unquestionable and I am glad that we have cooperated with you. I am proud that there is a company on the Czech market with high quality products and services that I will not be afraid to recommend to other colleagues.

Manager of Dominican Hotel

A cold and rainy winter night gave us the idea

The year was 2013. We were sitting in İstanbul, looking at the symbolic Galata Tower from the 14th century and we were freezing. Raindrops were falling on our heads and the cold was changing the nice moment into an unpleasant one. We wished for something that would warm us up and at the same time not force us to leave our place outside. At that moment our dream began to materialise.

It was the symbol of İstanbul, the Galata Tower, that gave the name to our creative idea, determination and business dream: electric heating designed to enable people enjoying comfortable time outside.

We invented Galavito Heating Table to function reliably under all conditions, to be safe and to provide pleasant time to its users. It combines oriental elegance with European practicality.

The first steps in development were made together with the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague. All our activities, from manufacturing to recycling of the products is done with consideration of the environment and with the intention of minimizing the environmental impact.

Our outdoor electrical heatier, placed in the table base is used by many companies and households. Thanks to their feedback we continue the development in order to make our customers more and more happy.

Ece Ergüney Hnátková and Milan Hnátek