Topalit table tops perfectly withstand outdoor use in gardens and terraces. Even in day-to-day and demanding operation, the table is easy to clean, can be wiped quickly so the boards will look as good as new, fulfilling their purpose.

The production of pressed laminated Topalit table tops takes place in Austria and the quality is thoroughly controlled throughout the production process. They are made only from PEFC-certified wood, without the use of tropical wood. Table tops are also fully recyclable.

They are ideal for outdoor use. The surface of the board contains a special XD layer surface that is very resistant to mechanical impacts and different weathers. Plates will withstand relatively rough handling, for example, the day-to-day stay in the outdoor garden.

Table tops are resistant to:

  • scratching and weather conditions
  • breaks and strikes with blunt edges
  • high temperatures (short time: 180 °C, long-term: 90 °C)
  • changes in air humidity
  • cigarette ash
  • UV radiation

Thanks to a direct cooperation with producer, we deliver table tops in a wide variety of sizes and decors.

Tischplatten Topalit – Wood Designs

Tischplatten Topalit – Stone Designs

Tischplatten Topalit – Graphic Designs

Tischplatten Topalit – Solid Colours