Top 7 Terraces in Prague

As Ece recently mentioned in an article for European magazine Startus, soon celebrating, socialising and even working in fresh air will be quintessential to a happy lifestyle all year round. Outdoor dining and open-air events are swiftly gaining more attraction, with terraces and farmers markets becoming the easy favourite over the standard restaurants and supermarkets.

In Prague, there is no exception. Admiring the scenic parts of a medieval metropolis while you dig into your favourite Czech dish is something that no local or tourist should miss out on. For this reason, we’ve decided to present to you:

Prague’s Top 7 Terraced Restaurants

1. Golden Well Hotel

Taking a short 10 minute stroll to Charles Bridge might be a great way to let your body digest the delectable meal that you just devoured at this 5 star hotel & restaurant. Enjoying a fine meal on Golden Well’s terrace (Teresa U Zlate studne) will give you entry to an exclusive view over the marvellous Malá Strana (lesser quarter) of Prague. Golden Well Restaurant has three gorgeous terraces to choose from, all designed a modern Italian interior that emphasises a renaissance vibe.

Dating back from the 16th century, this hillside building will surely transport you back into to Prague’s medieval roots as you look over the winding cobblestone alleys that lead up to Prague castle.

2. InterContinental Prague

One of Czech’s most famous hotels built in the communist era, InterContinental‘s rooftop terrace truly accentuates the stunning contrast between the best of the old and new of Prague. Constructed in the late 60’s in Stare Mesto in the brutalist fashion, the restaurant overlooks the renowned Vltava river and gothic towers that encircle Old Town.

As you watch busy shoppers and workers flit about the bustling streets below, InterContinental Prague offers a luxury dining experience that inspires a proper appreciation for the transformation that Prague has undergone over the past millennium.

3. U Prince Hotel

One of the oldest and finest restaurants in Prague, U Prince Hotel, is also home to the much loved rooftop bar and restaurant that has been voted most impressive around the globe. Situated in the heart of Old Town Square, Teresa U Prince will transport you back to the grandeur style of the 12th Century noble class. Looking out on the legendary Astronomical Clock Tower, dig into some favourites in international cuisine as the clock strikes on the hour.

The terrace restaurant is best savoured during the evening to get an unparalleled panorama view as glow of the old town envelops you in its antiquated vibrancy.

4. Podolka

For a more laid-back afternoon snack make your way to the riverside restaurant Podolka. This breezy and youthful restaurant has a lovely porch that joins onto the neighbouring yacht club. Unwind from the week as you watch the boats sail pass on the Vltava river. The place overs a delicious range of lighter meals, including a few vegetarian options, all at a very decent price.

5. Grosetto Marina

If you want to get a proper gander at the famous Charles Bridge but aren’t so fond of crowds, head to Grosetto Marina, where you can perch yourself in full view of Prague’s cultural icon. The chic Italian restaurant is a converted riverboat where patrons can ‘float and feast’ along the Vltava, situated just around the corner from the oldest university in central Europe in Old Town. Hailing from a small village in Tuscany the creators pride themselves on some of the best pizza in Prague.

Despite the delicious Italian food and sailing design you won’t be quick to think you’re in Venice, the large window panels and open-air terraces will give you a constant postcard portrait of Prague’s hallmark features.

6. Bellavista Restaurant

You can’t really enjoy the charming seasons of Prague without a nice wonder within the Petrin – Strahov parks. Bellavista Restaurant provides a beautiful outdoor terrace that radiates the natural beauty of Prague all year round, from blooming spring cherry blossoms to the hazel-red of falling leaves in Autumn. Located in the Hradčany district of Prague, the restaurant sits within the collection of top-quality dining in Czech Republic; with a seasonal menu boasting a rich list of Czech cuisine and more modern gastronomy, including a number of home-baked desserts and bread.

7. Pivovar Marina

To discuss Czech gastronomy without mentioning its world-renowned beer could be considered an offence. But we recommend Pivovar Marina for a lot more than just the token reference. This microbrewery brings a classical verve to the Holešovice region of Prague, with a pleasant beer garden where you can enjoy their house lager by the litre for a more than generous price.

With a short tram ride out of the city centre, Pivovar Marina will instantly give you the feeling that you’ve entered a country side cabin with it’s sweet, rustic design that befits the provincial side of Czech so well.

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