Spring Means Grand Terrace Openings

Spring is finally at our doorstep. Nature is slowly waking up from its winter slumber, the sun is no longer creeping behind dark clouds and all flora is soon going to be in full blossom.

And Prague, a city linked with nature and history, is one of the greatest places in the world to enjoy the coming of this beautiful season. However, even now, temperatures can still be very chilly, especially after a colourful sunset over Charles Bridge or a long walk around the evergreen parks.

Luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes in Prague have been offering the pleasure of outdoor seating, in beautiful terraces with stunning views of historical and modern Prague and flourishing gardens with a roof of clear skies. Their open spaces usually operate after March or April and until November, which is a pity considering that so many months of the year are spent indoors.

But even then, the weather can be quite unpredictable in Prague; it is not unlikely to see snow in April, and showers are too often during spring. And when it comes to temperatures, as the Czech saying goes, “Březen – za kamna vlezem, duben – ještě tam budem.” (in March we will go behind the stove and in April we are still there.)

Month Mean Daily 




Mean Daily




Mean Number of



March -1 7.7 6.2
April 2.6 13.3 7.3
May 7.1 18.3 9.8

As you can see on the table by the World Meteorological Organization and the screenshots from AccuWeather, the average temperatures for spring and autumn are quite low, and the weather can be very unpredictable and unpleasant for outdoor seating. Does this mean we should completely sacrifice our time in open air to the whims of the weather?

Here comes our innovative solution for outdoor seating all-year round — Galavito RESTO Heating Table. Unlike the ineffective and harmful gas heaters, Galavito RESTO uses infrared technology to deliver safe and effective heating directly to the patrons and their surroundings. It is an environmentally responsible and cost saving device, allowing the owners to maximise their available space and the duration of the outdoor seating offer. In the meanwhile, the clients can comfortably stay outside for longer, without worrying about the unfriendly weather, and can enjoy all seasons and times of the day.

Our aim is to help everyone who wants to benefit from the outdoors and its beauties, with our innovative product. We hope you will take advantage of all that can be offered from Galavito RESTO Heating Table, and your terrace will be the new favourite place in town!

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