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RESTO Heating Table

Satisfy the requests of customers who want to enjoy time outside even in cold weather. Equip your garden with the infra radiator: Prolong the outdoor season. Attract more customers and increase your profits. The investment will return in one month.


Ecological outdoor radiator, RESTO Galavito Heating Table is designed for pleasant stay of guests in the gardens of restaurants and cafes in cold weather. They can enjoy the time outside when drinking coffee or eating lunch due to the outdoor heating. RESTO Heating Table is getting more and more popular even in non-commercial use: at home on a terrace, gazebo or in the garden.

In all cases the source of heating integrated in the table base heats up from the legs and makes time spent outdoors more pleasant.

Technical specifications

  • Height without table top: 72cm

  • Weight without table top: 15kg

  • Table base dimentions: 45 x 45cm

  • Power source: 230V ~50 Hz

  • Power of the heating tube: 1.2kW

  • Protection degree: IP44


Quick heating in a few seconds in a 360° range

As soon as the guests sit around the outdoor infra heater, in a few seconds they are greeted with a pleasant heat. RESTO is warming up from the bottom and it is targeted very precisely. People will be happy to stay at your place, because the feeling of comforting heat will not let them go.

Comfort for your guests for 3CZK/hour.

The thermal comfort will make guests feel very welcome. They will keep returning regularly in spring and autumn to the garden. Prolong the outdoor season, increase revenue and get loyal customers. Investing in a warm outdoor seating will quickly return to you (gas heating costs start at 30 CZK / hour).

Elegant style attracting the guests

The table base with the built-in infrared heater works well and at the same time it can fit to the overall style of the front garden. You can use your own table top or choose from our wide variety of shapes and designs.

Outdoor warm sitting that you don’t have to clean up

RESTO is resistant to both wind and water splashing and therefore it lasts long. It takes less space and is much more efficient and economical than gas heaters.

Safe operation based on certification

The outdoor infrared heater complies with the strictest Czech and European safety standards. Thus, it is safe outdoors for both commercial and non-commercial use even for the smallest spaces; being safe for pets as well.

Customization for brand reinforcement

Support your own brand with the RESTO outdoor infrared heater. Upon your request, we can decorate the base or table top with your logo or designed pattern. Your customers will never confuse you with anyone else.


  • All the benefits of Galavito Heating Table

    Discover all benefits of the Galavito Heating Table. Among other things, you get a competitive advantage and increase in profits.

  • Galavito Heating Tables work in restaurants and at home

    The Galavito Heating Table is greatly appreciated in the beer gardens of restaurants and at home on pergolas and terraces. Take a look at it.

  • Why prefer Galavito Heating Table over gas heating?

    Classic gas heaters cost you 30 CZK / hour. Galavito Heating Tables only cost 3 CZK / hour. Take a look at our comparison.

  • RESTO Heating Table User Manual

    See the instructions for using the RESTO Galavito Heating Table. You will also find the technical specifications in PDF format.


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