Outdoor Habits Around The World

Outdoor seating has been a very pleasurable activity around the world, for a very long time. People have enjoyed the merits of natural living long after they created communities and built cities, and despite their technological and industrial activities, they always tried to stay a part of nature and bring nature as close to them as possible.

In Ancient Egypt, affluent families had gardens in their houses, complete with outdoor furniture and artificial ponds, so that the whole family could go outside, play games, host parties and relax under the warming sun. The same tradition was continued by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who enjoyed their everyday activities and their social, political and religious gatherings in open air, at the courtyards of their houses or the public spaces (prytaneum and forum) and temples.

Eastern civilisations also have many celebrations and events linked with the outdoors, and have a strong tradition and love for outdoor seating. Iranians keep up with the ancient Sizdah Bedar, an open-air annual festival to enjoy nature, and people of Middle East have been creating havens in order to be able to spend time outside, even in harsh weather conditions. The Far Eastern cultures have also been integrating gardens in their houses since antiquity and hold many festivals and rituals bonding man and nature.

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, people were still maintaining gardens in their houses and held family activities and small gatherings, while participating in large open-air festivals all year round alongside their community. In the same period, the royalty and the aristocracy created lush, enormous gardens, where art interacted with nature to create the perfect environment for magnificent and lavish events. Most of these gardens survived to our days as public parks and are still home to many outdoor activities.

Today, after the last centuries’ technological, social and urban growth, our attitude towards the outdoors has changed. Our of the city dwellers, less of us have the option to have a larger terrace or garden, but the cities are filled with smaller gardens, terraces, rooftops and little green corners to bring us close to the nature, along of course with the parks, the lungs of every metropolis. People of all ages and backgrounds are always keen to find time in their busy schedules to enjoy moments of open air, in the outside areas of their home or at the plethora of cafes, restaurants and bars that offer this possibility. Some of them might even sacrifice their style and comfort, in order to be outside for longer, by hiding under blankets or carrying around their own source of heating!

It is obvious that people cannot imagine a life without being able to visit the outdoors, no matter how difficult it might be in today’s industrialized world. Wouldn’t it be great if they could maximize this precious time and be able to enjoy nature during the whole year? With Galavito RESTO Heating Table, this is finally possible.

Our product offers all the advantages of the usual outdoor heaters and in addition, it is effective and ecologically safe to use, respecting the natural environment and its users. It can be integrated in every outside space and pleasantly warms up people, allowing them to fight the cold weather of autumn, winter and sometimes spring. Like a modern version of an outdoor bonfire and the kotatsu, we hope Galavito RESTO will bring people together, and unite them with nature once again.

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