Heating Table at AMPER 2016 Brno Trade Fair in March

Galavito Heating Table springing off to a big year at the AMPER Trade Fair 2016!

We’re kicking the spring season off to a lively start at AMPER 2016 this March in the second biggest city of the Czech Republic: BRNO. The AMPER Trade Fair is one of the largest electronics and electrical engineering exhibitions in Central Europe, this year it will run over four days in Brno from the 15th to the 18th of March, 2016.

Excited to pick up the pace even further after a busy and cold autumn / winter, we’re delighted to be exhibiting the Galavito Heating Table alongside electronics giants such as Siemens and ABB. Last year, AMPER 2015 involved about 600 exhibitors from 22 different nations, showcasing the freshest and finest developments in modern technology. From top dog tycoons to rising entrepreneurs, we’re looking forward to expanding our network with all sorts within the field.

We’re eager to see what the heart of Europe will reveal in the latest tech breakthroughs. All this going on in Central Europe’s greatest trade fair hub, Brno, an architectural haven brimming with sleek contemporary designs.

Architecturally playground Brno Exhibition Centre (Image: Sokolniki)

The Galavito Heating Table will be sure to keep our fellow exhibitors snug over the weekend with temperatures predicted to be average of 5 degrees. If you’re eager to see the Galavito Heating Table in action or simply love to keep up with the tech-trends then make sure you take a moment to check out Czech Republic’s biggest electronics festival, you can find more admission details here.

Galavito Heating Table previous expo GASTRO & HOTEL by PVA EXPO PRAHA in Prague, 2015.

We wish to see you in Brno between 15 – 18th of March 2016! (Tuesday – Friday)

For further information and invitation to trade fair, contact us via info@galavito.cz

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