Galavito Heating Table Team at IMM Cologne Expo

As Galavito Heating Table team, we are constantly looking for new inspiration and ideas to bring better and better products to our customers and to keep up with the best design companies in the world! It is quite exciting! So that’s why the Galavito Heating Table team visited the International trade fair IMM Cologne – the international interiors show in Cologne, Germany.


The international interior show is a renowned international fair for interior and exterior furniture and design. It is the first 2018th fair in the city on the River Rhine and has its own tradition. At this international trade fair, all recognized designers, designers, and designer furniture and furniture companies are taking off. This year’s trade fair stretched in 11 halls, had several sections and ran throughout the week from 15 January to 21 January 2018.

Besides visiting this famous fair, the team of Galavito s.r.o. also had personal meetings with potential customers such as luxury restaurants, cafes, bars in Germany.

Unfortunately, there are cheap infrared radiators in the Czech market, which are mostly made in China in a thousand series, but many of these products do not even meet the basic standards and the most important: the safety! In order for Chinese manufacturers to give the impression of certification, they designate their products with the CE symbol, which means China Export, and the familiar eye easily recognizes that it differs from the recognized CE marking that demonstrates that the product has been assessed before it is placed on the European Economic Area safety and legislative standards.

The visit of IMM Cologne trade fair was very interesting and very useful for Galavito Heating Table. There was a great concentration of creative and interesting ideas, and Galavito Heating Table also gained important feedback from the developed German market.

Galavito Team In Front of IMM Cologne Expo in Germany on 19.1.2018

At IMM Cologne expo, it was also possible to see few exhibitors from the Czech Republic which can easily place themselves with world competition on a worldwide scale.

This was especially the traditional Czech company TON, which also exhibited an elegant chips chair designed by Lucie Koldova. This young ambitious designer was also nominated in Das Haus and her performance also appeared in DAMN Selects. Furthermore, at the trade fair, we could find the Czech company ARTURE, producing interesting products from antlers, and the company Todus, producing quality outdoor furniture for Czech but mainly foreign customers.

As it is well known, the German market is in need of high quality and precise design. Germans like design products with a story behind and they do not hesitate to pay for the quality and safety! This exactly matches the philosophy of Galavito s.r.o., which manufactures the unique heated Galavito Heating Table that serves as an outdoor heater. All heating table products are made of high-quality materials and components to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and enjoyment for their users.

Heated Table Galavito Heating Table, BISTRO DUO model

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