Galavito Heating Table on Blesk Hobby Magazine

In the latest November 2017 issue of Blesk Hobby monthly magazine in the Czech Republic, there is an interesting article about our Galavito Heating Tables — made in Prague, Czech Republic.

The article is giving some tips how to make the outdoors more pleasant in autumn seasons — by recommending outdoor heaters such as Galavito Heating Table.

The Galavito Heating Table has been originally developed for restaurants and cafes, but it is also becoming increasingly popular on the terraces of family houses or just for balconies of the flats. Its advantage is low operating costs, elegant design, high heating efficiency and easy operation. Galavito Heating Table was developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. This is a high-quality, reliable and safe outdoor heater.


  • Saving energy thus costs, up to 10 times cheaper than gas heaters, in terms of consumption costs.
  • Saving space, so that you could put more tables outdoors instead!
  • No stock issues, as you could use the tables 4 seasons.
  • Possible to customise. Choose your own table top! Also possible to change the colour of the heating table leg, put your corporate logo, change the dimensions etc.
  • Prolonging outdoor season by attracting more clients all year long.

For your orders and questions for Galavito Heating Table, contact us via:
+420 736 177 368

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