The Galavito Heating Table is an outdoor, economical and environmentally friendly electric heater, which transforms coldness and unpleasant weather into a warm environment. The infrared heater is part of a table base on which you can mount any table top.

Whether you want to enhance the comfort of your guests in a heated beer garden, or you are looking for a warmth at the patio or pergola, Galavito Heating Table will give you all the joy of going outdoors.


Seating experience without the cold
  • The Galavito Heating Table works the following way in standing position: Infrared heat shines directly to the feet immediately in a 360 ° radius after switching on, heating the whole body from the bottom

  • Guests of restaurants and cafes will enjoy gourmet experiences and meet friends outside in the garden, even in bad weather.

  • You can enjoy those moments at home on the terrace or pergola that you would otherwise have to spend inside.

Better brand awareness and higher revenue
  • The table bases designed with built-in infrared heaters not only work great, but also look good and attract guests.

  • The attractive appearance and thermal comfort increases the competitive advantage.

  • Even during the colder months, you will be able to fully utilize the potential of your terraces and prolong the outdoor season.

  • Thanks to a pleasant sitting outdoors, your business will become more popular and your brand will be stronger.

Savings in energy will quickly return your investment
  • The Galavito Heating Table is 6 times more energy efficient than gas heaters.
  • The operation cost of the heated table is 5 CZK / hour.

  • After a month of regular use, your investment will return and bring you more guests that will come back to you.

Smoke free operation for guests and for nature
  • The Galavito Heating Table does not emit harmful fumes like gas heaters do.

  • The operation of heating tables does not annoy the guests with their presence.

Saves work and frees up space for other guests
  • The electric heater also serves as a table – it will be used throughout the whole year.

  • Unlike large gas heaters, the heated infrared tables save space and you do not need to store them anywhere.

  • Quick table handling and very easy maintenance.

Quality and safety that doesn’t have a match on market
  • Innovative technical design and good looking of electric heating tables is suitable for front gardens of various kinds, just like for home use on pergolas and terraces

  • Degree of protection IP44 – the table is protected against splashing water at all angles.

  • CE marking confirming compliance with EU standards and directives.

  • Tested and certified.

European product with customization
  • The electric infrared heater is developed and manufactured in the European Union.
  • Upon your wish, we can adapt the look of the heater and table top – your own logo, a backlit design pattern on the product base.

  • Variable design thanks to easy component replacement: Table top – circular, square, various sizes and colors.


RESTO 72 (1,2 kW, 72cm)

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BISTRO DUO 109 (2 x 1,2 kW, 109cm)

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The heating table was developed by Czech engineers according to European and safety standards. The look of the table is protected by an industrial design and Galavito is a trademark of Galavito s.r.o.

More information about our outdoor heaters and their use in the front garden can also be found on our blog.

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