Heating table BISTRO DUO

799.60 + DPH 21 %

Give your guests another reason to enjoy outdoor regardless of how cold it is. BISTRO DUO outdoor heating table ensures that your standing guests are enjoying coffee, cigarette while having a conversation with friends  even on the coldest days.

  • Table with 109 cm high base with 2 infrared tubes
  • Easy regulation of heating intensity, thanks to 2 infrared tubes. Turn on just a single infrared tube or both.
  • Heat that radiates directly your body, starting from the feet and legs, within a 360 ° perimeter.


Without table top. For choosing one, visit Table tops section.
Height is 109 cm and weight is 25,5 kg.
Power source: 230V ~50 Hz. Heating element: 2× 1,2 kW
Protection degree: IP44

Benefits of heating table BISTRO DUO

Heats guests in seconds in a 360 ° range
All guests will warm up immediately when they sit at a table with an outdoor heat radiator. The BISTRO DUO is equipped with 2 infra tubes that heat all around the table within a few seconds after switching on. Guests will not have to deal with anything other than spending time with you.

Real comfort for guests from 6 CZK / hour
A warmed guest is a happy guest. Investing in a heating table is worth it and it quickly returns: The law has banished smokers from indoors and you can give them what they lack in cold days during spring, autumn and winter – they do not need to hurry back inside, and they can still enjoy their cigarette in a warm place.

2 infra radiators for temperature control
The BISTRO DUO outdoor radiator is equipped with 2 heating infra tubes: They provide enough heat even in very bad weather – you can turn on one or both at once. You don’t only control the heat radiation, but you also control the consumption.

Stylish add-ons
The heating table for standing guests not just works well, but its design also attracts customers. Its unique style attracts curiosity in the guests at the first glance. People would love to try it, talk about it with their friends and spread the good reputation of your brand. The table can also be equipped with light in the base.

Easy maintenance without cleaning
BISTRO DUO will not get affected by strong wind or splashing water. The table can be optionally secured with a safety lock and a chain or steel wire.

Risk-free operation and maximal safety
The outdoor infrared heater complies with the strictest Czech and European safety standards. Its day-to-day operation is absolutely safe when used outdoors in gardens, terraces and pergolas. Adults, children, and pets cannot be injured in any way.

Tailor-made customization to build your brand
Bring your heating tables to utter perfection. We can adapt BISTRO DUO to your liking: We can decorate it with your logo, pattern and, of course, the table top of your choice. This makes your place unique.