Czechia Smoking Ban 2017 Has a Neverending Story

Czechia will ever be smokefree? Expected smoking ban in the Czech Republic is on May 2017.

Schools, theatres, cinemas, sports halls, and state administration offices, as well as bus and tram stops in the Czech Republic went smokefree on January 1, 2006.

The new law in 2006 prohibited cigarette smoking in restaurants and other public places in the Czech Republic,but it did not work. As long as there was not a private room for smokers, it was forbidden to smoke in a restaurant. However, people continue to smoke in all areas. It was not just vague, it was not forced by the police at the same time. Police officers generally only charged with a symbolic fine. Although smoking was clearly prohibited in concerts or sporting events, there was often violation. The only place where smoking was relatively reduced was the stations of public transport.

For this reason, the law amendment was being drafted at this moment and, if it is to happen, depends on the future Czech government. It effectively protects non-smokers from passive smoking.


However, this only requires bars and restaurants to post a sign saying whether smoking is allowed, not allowed, or whether there are separate rooms for smokers and non-smokers in the establishment. In February 2011, the popular “stop kouření” initiative announced that 115,000 people signed a petition demanding smoking in restaurants and denouncing the country’s high cancer rate, poor ratings on tobacco control, and Czech parliament members’ possible corruption. By 2014, there was no agreement in the government to ban smoking in bars and restaurants.

This situation didn’t change until 2016. In 2015 there were no attempts, but this banning smoking issue was always in the news. The reason is that the Czech Republic is the last EU member to allow unlimited smoking in restaurants. Past governments have tried to implement such restrictions, but the opposition encountered.

According to the European Commission, 17 of 28 EU countries have a total ban on smoking in indoor public places, public transport and workplaces, and others have limitations in various areas.

All previous efforts to ban smoking on Czech bars and restaurants have failed, but there is a chance the plan will gain approval because the government coalition has a comfortable majority in the lower house, and also President Zeman, long-term smoker, said he would not veto the law. Also, The Czech Parliament’s Lower House approved the smoking ban on restaurants and bars on December 9th, 2016. The law is to come into force on 31 May 2017 at the annual World No Tobacco Day.

Thus, approving the smoking ban will bring Czechia to all other European countries. And, the law will effectively protect non-smokers from passive smoking.

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