April: Terrace and Beer Garden Season is Alive

Itching to get outside and soak in the sun? Well finally the time has come: April hotels and restaurants across Prague have opened their terrace and beer gardens, and now the weather is perfect to welcome the season!

Although April 1st started off a rather frosty, with cold showers and cloudy skies, the day soon cleared up to flaunt what we all have to look forward too in the coming months. And the weather is only getting better! Despite the crisp air and chilly breeze, Pragsters are heading out the house to enjoy the very first traces of Spring.


– Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.

Glamourous Views & Delicious Food 

A clear, fresh, day is something everyone can enjoy, and so the restaurants know it too. Already you can sip a nice warm cappuccino as you watch the flowers bloom in every shade. Yesterday Golden Well Hotel, voted one of Prague’s top restaurants, kicked off the sunny seasons by opening its terrace for customers. The spacious veranda harbours a spectacular view over Mala strana and Petrin park, and we wholeheartedly recommend you take some time to enjoy a delicious lunch, you can even check out the views from their virtual lookout tour here.

Another of our top favourites is Teresa U Prince, whose historical rooftop terrace offers a gorgeous dining experience overlooking Prague’s Old Town, Jewish Quarter and many other attractions around Prague’s gothic centre. Galavito Heating Tables are heating their visitors every day!

Besides, the best restaurant in the Czech Republic, another Galavito Heating Table user Golden Well Hotel / Terasa U Zlaté Studně is also opening its terrace in spring! One of the best views in the Czech Republic!

Relax & Unwind

If you’re looking for something a bit more leisurely, Riegrovy Sady’s beer garden, Park Café Rieger, is also opening its doors. Order a beer or coffee and watch locals stroll past, and enjoy the lively activity around on of Prague’s largest city parks. A perfect place to take a book, listen to birds twitter and connect to the nature that is flourishing around you.

Of course, the options are many, I’m sure wherever you go in the coming months, the sunny skies and refreshing vibe will follow you there.


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