7 Futuristic Desings For Hospitality

Feeling inspired by all the innovation and design events popping up around Czech Republic in spring, including Best of X and Dyzajn Market, we’re ogling at some of the newest technological developments from around the world.

Leaping into the season with our attendance at the E&Y Entrepreneur of The Year Gala in early March and our upcoming four day showcase at AMPER 2016, we thought we’d do some homework to keep up with the latest tech-trends in futuristic designs. And aren’t we amazed!

1. Eye-Tracking Menu That Reads Your Mind 

If you didn’t believe in love at first sight, then you will now. The digital menu launched by Pizza Hut ‘reads your mind’ by tracking your eye movements and tells you what toppings you should order in in 2.5 seconds! No more indecisiveness holding up the whole party, this piece of genius will sort out what you most desire for you.

2. Hovering Itray

Kick back and relax, because the future is all about ease and comfort. Being a waiter in a bustling cafe is no easy task, but don’t worry, this levitating iTray by Yo Sushi will get food straight from the kitchen onto the table without a single step taken. The British Sushi franchise released the iTray as an avant-garde way to serve food to customers and can be controlled via a mobile or iPad app.

3. Icuisine Interactive Restaurant

MoJo iCuisine in Taiwan is the first fully interactive restaurant equipped with touch sensors and an attractive visual interface. Using the interface, diners can change the decor with a range of vibrant designs, order food electronically and play games between each other.

4. Self Sanitising Door Handle

It might not be the flashiest of new designs, but often it’s the simplistic and practical devices that make a ll the difference. A high standard hygiene is a must-have for every restaurant, but sustaining it can get tricky when you have million other tasks at hand. This smart door handle invented by young entrepreneurs, Sum Ming Wong and Kin Pong Li, from Hong Kong, means one less issue for you to worry about. By opening the door you triggers a germ-killing reaction on the handle which automatically disinfects hands and door.

5. Portable Fireplace

From the first nomads who had to rub sticks to those flicking the switch of a lighter, preparing a fireplace while on a journey is always a hefty task. Now, the EcoSmart Portable Fireplace makes whipping up a delicious dish outdoors far more simple. So whether you want to roast leg ham or melt some marshmallows by the beach, preparing a mouth-watering outdoor culinary experience is effortless.

6. Floating Bonsai ‘Star’ Plants

Okay, so not exactly food related just yet, but these spinning plants are too bewitching to not mention. These levitating bonsair plants by Japanese entrepreneurs, Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden, are sure to spruce up any space. Plus, I cannot wait to have a floating mint and herb garden.

7. Transparent Television

When you want all the facilities but still keep a spacious design, this is a superb compromise. This transparent television is a concept design by television maker, Michael Freibe from German company Loewe. Perfect for restaurants and hotels that often host events, a television that can provide spectacular visuals but also not intrude on the decor when not in use.

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